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The situation is this: "Some of our needs are vastly overfilled while others go tragically unmet. We have over large houses but lack spaces that truly embody our individuality and connectedness. Media surrounds us everywhere while we starve for authentic communication. We are offered entertainment every second of the day but lack the chance to play. In the ubiquitous realm of money, we hunger for all that is intimate, personal, and unique. With the result that we really don't know anyone, and are barely known by anyone either. The things we need most are the things we have become most afraid of, such as adventure, intimacy, and authentic communication. We overt our eyes and stick to comfortable topics… We are uncomfortable with intimacy and connection, which are among the greatest of our unmet needs today. To be truly seen and heard, to be truly known, is a deep human need. Our hunger for it is so omnipresent, so much a part of our experience of life, that we no more know what it is we are missing than a fish knows it is wet. Always hungry for it, we seek solace and sustenance in the closest available substitutes: television, shopping, conspicuous consumption... anything to ease the hurt, to feel connected, or to project an image by which we might be seen and known, or at least see and know ourselves." - Charles Eisenstein.